Monday, July 26, 2010

Breast Cancer affects us all....

Dear Fellow Designers, 

I have just received the sad news that my dear friend Wendy of 10 years, has stage 2 breast cancer. This is devastating as just 7 years ago she lost her only son to suicide. She is one of the strongest, most intelligent women I know. She is resourceful and her faith is unshakable. Even in finding this out, she is confident that God has healed her and her attitude is so positive. She is even more my hero than she was before.

I am reaching out to fellow designers because Wendy is a self employed seamstress. She alters wedding gowns among other things out of her home. She is able to provide for herself, however she does not have health insurance. She is also a widow. I know that Wendy would never ask, but I want to try to help her finances as she goes through treatment. I know that chemo and some of the medications could prevent her from making the income she has been making. Also, though she has found a local health department, there will be expenses that will not be covered that she will have to come out of pocket. Therefore, I want to put together a collaboration kit called "Count Your Blessings" (theme courtesy of Jen Balding - Girl Boy Girl Designs). I am asking for contributors, promoters, and store owners that would be willing participate. I realize that Wendy is only one person, and not a huge charity so it may not seem like such a big deal, but there is a saying that "To the World you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world" She is the world to so many, including 2 daughters in college, she has touched so many lives and even ministers to support groups of parents that have lost their children to suicide. She is amazing and the world would not be the same without her.  

I am currently working with her church in order to have the proceeds sent to them, and they will distribute this on her behalf.  I will update the details on this very soon.  

I am asking designers who will contribute, for 2-3 patterned papers and 5 -6 elements, word art or alphas or a combination of those.  (color palette below) You can do more of course, the theme is simple and each designer can create what they feel "Count Your Blessings" means to them.  We have creative team members who will be helping with templates and quickpages, I am so grateful for this!  Designers interested can contact me at morethanrubiesLLC at gmail dot com

Some people call it Karma, I call it the law of reaping and sowing - but I know that those who will so generously participate that goodness will return to you multiplied. Thank you for considering this cause.



  1. Amber, my heart goes out to her and her family as well as you being her friend! I think what you are doing is great! ((((HUGS))))~Erika~

  2. Amber I am thinking and praying for your friend and have put the word out to some designers on Twitter & Facebook. {{HUGS}}


  3. Thank you all SO much, I am getting great responses and I am so excited to be able to do a kit with some very top designers, it is going to be lovely and Wendy will be so surprised!!