Friday, March 11, 2011

Funky Club volume 2 and a new CU product by Ruby Lane Designs

As you all know, Ruby Lane is one of the four designers participating in the Funky Club volume 2, along with fellow designers Girl Boy Girl Designs, Amanda Carlson and River-Rose.  

With a subscription to The Funky Club - Volume Two, you receive sixteen mini-kits, one per week from January 5 through April 20, 2011. The contents of the mini-kits will be a surprise (much like a grab bag), but each mini-kit will contain at LEAST two papers and two elements. Additional items will vary from mini-to-mini and they may even include templates! All items in the mini-kits will be personal use products that will work in any photo editing program.

The subscription to The Funky Club - Volume Two costs just $10.00 - that's over $30.00 in savings off the individual selling price of the mini-kits. That averages out to about 62 cents per mini-kit!

The Funky Club Volume Two subscription will be available for purchase through April 20, 2011. After that date, the Funky Club Volume Two mini-kits will only be available as individual purchases at their regular selling price ($2.50-$3.50 each).

When you purchase The Funky Club - Volume Two - Subscription, you will receive download links to all of The Funky Club Volume Two mini-kits currently released to-date. Please note that the previously released Funky Club Volume One mini-kits are NOT included in the Funky Club Volume Two Subscription.  Funky Playground Design's customer service department will activate your subscription within 72 hours (excluding weekends/holidays) and send you an email confirmation. After your subscription is active, it is your responsibility to login to the store each of the remaining weeks using the same username and password with which you purchased the subscription. Once you are logged in, the prices on The Funky Club mini-kits will show as $0.00. Simply place the mini-kit in your cart and check out to receive your download link. New mini-kits will be released each Wednesday. If you need an email to help jog your memory to download, consider subscribing to their weekly newsletter - the Funky Club releases are prominently featured!

All subscriptions to The Funky Club - Volume Two will be deactivated on April 27, 2011 and will not be reactivated for any reason. Please be certain you have downloaded all of The Funky Club Volume Two mini-kits prior to April 27. Please be certain to backup your downloads. Download links will not be reset for any reason after April 27, 2011.

These are the previews of the ten mini-kits released up to now (1 per week):

What's not to love about this subscription?  You still have time to get all of this at an unbelievable price, so hurry and get it here.

In other news, Ruby Lane is releasing a new CU product "Lovely Doodles" available exclusively at Funky Playground Designs:

This is a lovely set of flowers, hearts, words, doodles and even lovely luscious lips - for all your CU needs.

Happy weekend everyone!

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