Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy Thursday Digiland!  I want your opinion please.  I have added a poll in the right side bar just over there >>>>>>>>

I am asking my fans and followers choose the colors they would like to see a kit that I will create and be release the beginning of August.  Each month, I will post a set of color choices for you to vote on.  The poll will be up for 1 week both here and on my Facebook Fan page.  At the end of one week, the Color Choice will be revealed and here's where it gets better!!  At the reveal of the color choice, I will ask you to comment on what theme you think the kit should be and the winner of the chosen theme will get the kit for FREE!

SO... let's have some fun with this, start voting today!!  (make your choice in the right side bar >>>>)


  1. Hello Amber, i don't know how to contact you either.
    I'm Mariscrap a french designer and have opened my store "Scrap From France" last week and now I'm looking for some designers to join us. At this time, we are 10-11 designers : Mcreations, MLDesign,Leaugscrap, Kittyscrap, ALexxs design,Scrap de Yas and more.
    Your design is great and have his particular style that I'm looking for.
    May you take 5 minutes to think about???

    Designer call :


  2. I'm digging number two in a school or end of summer/back to work theme
    thanks for the awesome opportunity... cant wait to see what you come up with!